4K and Atomos

Learn from Tony Trent, what products Atomos carries that are 4K or serve 4K, and why they are a necessity for production pros.

Everything is 4K-focused right now. What’s really going on now from your perspective with all the latest tech and its adoption?
4K is certainly grabbing the headlines at the moment, but in terms of adoption 4K is not yet ready for mass consumption. There are the high end production houses who have the need for 4K and then a steadily growing early adopter group who either love the idea of experimenting with the higher resolution or those who want to future proof themselves for the coming years while they are upgrading now.
4KHUB contributor, Gary Adcock on 4K

Learn what Gary Adcock thinks is going on now from his perspective with all the latest tech and its adoption.

Where is 4K most implemented — and what will take hold next year or after?
In my world, I have been delivering 4K content for Convention Displays and other uses for over 4 years. I think people have been too focused on 4K broadcast, I personally don’t see that streaming live for a few years, even the 4K version of House of Cards on Netflix has only seen a few thousand downloads. I am one of those that thinks I will see 4K movie downloads long before I see a 4K version of the local news. Yet that poses a different issue, if a current HD movie download is about 5GB, what does that mean for the internet providers when we start DL’ing 20-30GB files for a 3 hour feature?
4K & EditShare Solutions

Catch up with Andy Liebman, EditShare's CEO (photoed here) as he tell us his thoughts on 4K and beyond.

Any other EditShare products that work with 4K?
Our media asset management solution, EditShare Flow, will support 4K in the near future. This will let you make proxy files of your 4K footage, and track 4K assets throughout the production process. Our integrated archiving solution, EditShare Ark, is already 4K compatible, and can back up and restore your 4K footage to/from LTO tape or disk. In the near future, once Flow is 4K aware, you’ll also be able to preview and bring specific individual 4K files back from the archive from Flow.
Akamai Technologies: The Adoption of 4K & more

Kurt Michel, Director, Product Marketing, Media Delivery Solutions for Akamai Technologies (pictured here) shares his insight on 4K adoption, along with it's future & quality.

How are you preparing for the adoption of 4K?
Akamai is preparing for the increase in viewer quality expectations that 4K will bring, which, in our case, means greater capacity and scalability of our network, storage and workflow solutions. Of course, increasing our capacity and scalability to stay ahead of demand is something we have been doing since 1998; 4K just happens to be the latest quality level that is pushing the need for more bits – faster. We’re not just getting ready for 4K, but other things that might come next, such as higher frame rates and high dynamic range (HDR) technologies, which again will drive network capacity and scale requirements. Also, Akamai has begun to track 4K readiness through our quarterly State of the Internet Report. The new metric aims to identify what geographies are most likely to be able to sustain 15 Mbps streams, which we see as the baseline connection speed for supporting online delivery of 4K content.
Legend3D on 4K & Beyond

Catch up on our interview with Barry Sandrew (pictured here) to learn where the founder of Legend3D thinks the future of 4K is headed.

Can you tell us a little bit about the company, and who some of your past clients have been?
Legend3D started out as a colorization studio in 2000. We colorized feature films for most of the major studios as well as CBS and HBO. We also colorized about 100 public domain films for our own library. In 2007 I saw digital 3D for the first time and honestly saw the future of entertainment. Almost immediately, I turned all of my R&D toward 2D-to-3D conversion and targeted the summer of 2009 to have a working process, so I could be ready for Avatar. It was clear Avatar was going to be a game changer and I wanted to be ready for it. Immediately after the release of Avatar, Legend3D was awarded the 3D conversion of Alice in Wonderland. We then won the conversion of Shrek, Shrek 2 and Shrek the 3rd. Transformers followed that and the rest is history. We’ve been converting many of the biggest tentpole films that have been released since Avatar.
Avid's Future, Updates & More

Catch up with David Colantuoni, (pictured here) senior director of product management for Avid. He shares the company's plans, along with industry trends & his insight on 4K.

Anything new we can expect to see from Avid this year?
As part of our continual commitment to innovation, we’ll be announcing significant new updates to Media Composer for our subscription and annual support plan customers in the coming weeks. We’ll also be announcing the next phase in bringing the Avid Everywhere vision to life at IBC in September.