An interview from the 2023 IBC Show in Amsterdam with Jason Druss at the Stand. The vision has always been to empower creatives so they can work more efficiently and stay in the creative flow. For this IBC, released new features and announced partnerships designed to help teams customize their workflows to accommodate the ever-increasing demand for new content across every segment of the industry. Storage Connect

Introducing Storage Connect, which accelerates collaboration and cuts costs for Enterprise customers needing solutions to scale profitably allowing them to use the storage they already own, while maintaining full control of their assets. Storage Connect enables direct connection to AWS S3 storage with lightweight proxies available in Storage Connect will be available later this year for Enterprise customers.

Comparison Viewer

An increasing number of our customers create content for a vast array of purposes from broadcast to brands. That’s why they've refreshed their review and approval tools for creators who work with a wide range of assets and need to compare them.

The comparison viewer now supports viewing video, audio, photo, design file, and PDF assets side-by-side. Now, all and Creative Cloud users can compare any two matching asset types with access to commenting and annotations, keeping you in the conversation as you carefully consider two different assets, or many versions of an asset or draft. This improvement to comparisons provides more nuanced review and approval capabilities for creatives and stakeholders who need to work faster and more efficiently.

Camera to Cloud Momentum

Supported on over 200+ camera systems through a vast network of integrations, Camera to Cloud grew this year at IBC. Now with even more solutions for connecting your production to the cloud, they've announced five new Camera to Cloud connections for and Creative Cloud customers.

Atomos has two new Camera to Cloud compatible devices, the new Ninja and Ninja Ultra. When paired with an Atomos CONNECT module, video teams can easily capture and automatically upload high-quality 10bit 4K H.265 assets to after each take. The Ninja Ultra also unlocks duel-record ProRes RAW and HD proxy C2C capabilities for more advanced online/offline workflows.

Atomos Ninja Ultra
Fujifilm’s new large-format mirrorless GFX-100ii (pronounced GFX-100 the second), allows photography and video teams to capture and upload 102MP RAW photos and up to 10bit 8K video clips remotely to on a massive 55mm CMOS II HS sensor (11648 x 8736 pixel). The FUJIFILM GFX-100ii boasts a native integration, requiring no additional hardware for creators to leverage C2C on their next production.

New to the Camera to Cloud family is Accsoon, who unveils the SeeMo and SeeMo Pro devices. Both allow videographers, journalists, and news teams to use iPhones or iPads as professional video monitoring devices with features similar to those offered by Atomos, Black magic Design, or SmallHD.

The SeeMo, ideal for mirrorless cameras, attaches to cameras via HDMI. The heavier-duty SeeMo Pro attaches via HDMI or SDI and is perfect for ENG and mid-range cine cameras. With the new C2C integrations both allow you to monitor, record, and upload lightweight HD H.264 video clips from your connected iPhone or iPad directly to

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