An interview from the 2019 Cine Gear Expo at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles with Eric Fiegehen of Cubix. Cubix serves every industry and market with a need for powerful computing, such as media & entertainment, scientific research, oil and gas exploration, medical imaging, government and military, architecture and engineering, finance, energy, and more. The Cubix philosophy is based on constant innovation, creating incredibly high performance hardware on stable and reliable systems, and genuine customer service. In this interview Eric talks with us about their Cubix WorXstations.

Why the big “X”? Does it stand for expandability, high-performance, and reliability? Maybe “X” stands for extra silent operations or the extraordinary number of industry applications it can be used for, or maybe even “X” denotes extra fun with the see-through cases and color scheme. Actually, “X” is for all of the above!

Engineers at Cubix designed WorXstation to meet any and all application requirements in the Media and Entertainment industry, as well as AEC markets, and many AI and HPC applications, maintaining a minimal footprint and silent operations at client’s desk. While Cubix has been well known for years in the M&E sector as a PCIe expansion vendor, and later a Blackmagic Design ® DaVinci Resolve solutions provider, they wanted to bring the same engineering expertise, product performance, and reliability to the rest of industry in an extremely quiet package while being a competitively priced solution. WorXstation is a result of those efforts

Available in a multitude of CPU, graphics, and I/O configurations, Cubix builds WorXstation to your specific project requirements. They don’t try to fit you into a hardware configuration convenient for Cubix – Cubix builds the configuration to your specs and your convenience! You want your OS and applications preloaded? Cubix is happy to help. Want them to custom configure the BIOS specifically for adding an Xpander unit? Not a problem. Need someone to install the solution? Cubix is ready to help!

With CPU options ranging from Intel Core i5 / i7 / i9X, to AMD RIZEN Threadripper, to dual Intel Xeon workstation class CPUs, memory configurations up to 2TB, and I/O options including local RAID, 10/40/100 Gbps Ethernet, and NVMe drive compatibility, Cubix has a WorXstation ready for nearly any M&E industry application. For more detailed information and pricing, please contact your Cubix sales representative,, or Cubix dealer today!

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