An interview from the 2019 Cine Gear Expo at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles with Aaron Kroger of Panavision. Panavision Inc. is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-precision camera systems, including both film and digital cameras, and lenses and accessories for the motion picture and television industries. Renowned for its worldwide service and support, Panavision systems are rented through its domestic and internationally owned and operated facilities and distributor network. Panavision also supplies lighting, grip and crane equipment for use by motion picture and television productions. In this interview Aaron talks with us about the DXL2 8K camera and the DXL-M Modules.

Panavision’s DXL2 8K camera with the RED Monstro sensor offers 16bits of color across 35 million pixels at up to 60 frames per second. One of the quietest signal-to-noise ratios on the market, Monstro delivers unprecedented dynamic range and color with unmatched sensitivity. DXL2 and Panavision large format lenses offer the optimum system for creating the unmatched aesthetic of large format cinematography. Attributes such as a shallower depth of field, greater magnification and a wider field of view produce a softer, pleasing, more natural image—an aesthetic closely attuned to the way the eye sees.

DXL is the first camera with built-in electronic and interchangeable Flexible Modules that allow you to customize the body shape, design, and function.

DXL2 includes integrated and interchangeable MDR modules for wireless lens control. By partnering with the leading FIZ control companies the DXL2 creates a completely integrated system that delivers all the functionality and control with standard MDR systems in a virtually invisible module.

DXL2 was designed as a modular camera with independent electronic functions. The Comms module compartmentalizes the elements of communication and isolates them from video, power and menu, and uses full-size ports instead of adapters. The SDI module can be configured for different monitoring paths. The monitor matrix page offers easy viewing of configuration choices.

The DXL2 Hot Swap Module offers 2x 24v and 3x 14v and USB. It also contains a secondary power port (an additional power port lives on the camera body) as well as color-coded LED indicators and a battery elevator. In conjunction with the Hot Swap Module, DXL2 offers built-in power negating the need for external power supplies.

DXL2 offers an independently configurable and controlled Dual Menu module. Full camera control can be customized on either side of the camera. Twenty-two unique buttons can be programmed to create shortcuts, enabling fast access.

DXL2 Control is an iOS app that allows DXL2 full menu access including RUN/STOP from a smartphone. A real time visual histogram may be accessed, as well as the ability to remotely program up to eight shortcuts. DXL2 Control can be tethered to a single camera or control multiple cameras from a single device. Available free on the iTunes App Store.

The DXL-M, which marries the modularity and connectivity of the DXL with the smaller size and weight of RED’s DSMC2 cameras, is now available to filmmakers. In addition to the Primo HDR viewfinder, DXL menu system and LiColor2, the DXL-M now offers 2x2 SDI outputs delivering two independent monitoring paths across 4x HD-SDI outputs. Along with added accessories, battery elevator and control upgrades, these advancements add to the efficiency and flexibility of the kit. The result is a fully-equipped camera that is conveniently adaptable to any shooting scenario, including drone, remote head shots and situations where space is at a premium.

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