Gary Adcock on 4K in 2015

Gary Adcock is a specialist in designing and developing Onset Production and Post Production workflows and the technologies required for modern film and television production. Associated with major industry heavy hitters like AJA, Apple, HP and Intel he shares his thoughts on the current & future state of the industry and 4K.

View his interview and thoughts below:

Thoughts on the 4K movement:
* Jump in, get your feet wet. You can get in the game with as little as a couple thousand dollars. It’s not going be that big of a change for people to jump to 4K as it was when people had to jump from SD to HD. 

* Quality is first, no matter what you use. The camera does not make you a better artist. If you don’t know how to shoot or frame or hold a cam steady, go back to school. Also don’t forget to tell the story, find its voice and create emotion. You can have the prettiest picture in the world, but with no story it’s pointless.  

Insight on 4K in 2015:
With all these new 4K cams, others are starting to adapt. Ex: the price of monitors has been reduced in price by 50% since the beginning of 2014. There are also 4K desktop monitors now along with other 4K products to help with its ease of use and adaptation.

Recommendations and tips for the production community:
Read, practice and remember you’re not the only person on set. And when you do go on set, get ready to work with your team.  

One of the most important things to learn when coming into this industry: 
If you don’t like the people you work with, it makes everything so much harder. When on set you are a team and when you get along with your team, working together not only makes the day go faster and easier, but it also creates an overall better product seen on the screen.