4K finishing in GoPro Cineform
by Anthony Bari Jr.

GoPro Cineform is here for free as a finishing codec in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

In the latest update of Adobe's Premiere Pro CC 2014.1, you can now find the GoPro Cineform codec as an export setting. When you update your version of Premiere Pro CC, this great value is automatically added to your computer. It now works native without having to use the GoPro Cineform studio application that is also available as a free download on GoPro’s website.

This new feature is used as a cross-platform intermediate codec for handoffs between multiple applications. Cineform is a time tested, proven codec that has been used in professional workflow for years prior to merging with GoPro. It can be used from camera to edit to mezzianine (standardized), and for long term archive mastering.

The GoPro Cineform has no spatial resolution; meaning that it can be used for many different workflows from SD, HD, to UHD. This codec makes for a solid 4K finishing workflow, alongside other industry standards like the popular Apple ProRes formats. It interfaces with either Quicktime (.mov), or Windows (.avi), for comparability in most mainstream applications such Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, After Effects, etc.

The quality of the visual is virtually uncompressed to the viewer.  It provides full frame wavelet compression, supporting RGBA, RGB, YUV, and RAW chroma formats. GoPro Cineform is available in 32bit or 64bit codec and also supports alpha channels and you can export files with 8 or 16bpc for greater detail.

The Future of 4K workflow being affordable has come to Adobe Premiere CC as long as you don’t mind filling up harddrives at a rapid rate.

About Anthony Bari Jr:
Anthony is an Adobe Video Consultant, as well as an Adobe Certified Instructor.  Over the years Anthony has taught a wide range of clients from various news channels, major network officials, independent producers, and even the US Army special forces. 

He also works in several capacities on documentary, commercial, and promotional projects. On these projects he has been part of the camera team, the camera operator, media manager/DIT, or as the editor. Anthony has been a freelance certified instructor for Manhattan Edit Workshop for over six years.