Teradek Launches Bolt 6 Series
Teradek today announced the launch of the Bolt 6 Series: the latest zero-delay wireless video solution that unlocks crystal-clear 6GHz transmission in high-traffic environments while remaining fully cross-compatible with the entire Bolt 4K BB3 ecosystem.
“The Bolt 6 Series expands the power and performance of the zero-delay Bolt 4K family into the recently-unlocked U-NII 5 frequency spectrum, offering users a wealth of untapped bandwidth while remaining fully-compatible with Bolt 4K on traditional 5GHz bands.” said Greg Smokler, GM of Cine Products at Creative Solutions. “We’re proud to launch Bolt 6 as the industry’s first 6GHz wireless solution, with new tools, features and scalable device options to fit every wireless workflow.”
Bolt 6 transmits and receives over the newly-available 6GHz frequency band as well as the industry-standard 5GHz, dramatically reducing signal congestion in challenging RF environments while remaining fully cross-compatible across all Bolt 4K devices, including the Bolt Manager App for iOS and Android. Every Bolt 6 device will pair with every Bolt 4K device on 5GHz bands, however a Bolt 6 TX/RX combination is required for 6GHz connectivity.
New Bolt 6 features on all models include an improved “Long Range” mode and an SDI Eye Pattern Tool to check SDI cable integrity. Bolt 6 MAX models also feature integrated flexible H antennas for increased field longevity. Like Bolt 4K, the Bolt 6 Series represents an ecosystem of devices optimized for different user workflows. Details specific to individual Bolt 6 products are as follows: 
●      Bolt 6 XT offers the most upgrades in the Bolt 6 family, including a redesigned form factor that’s smaller, lighter, cooler, and up to 50% quieter than its Bolt 4K counterpart. Bolt 6 will also feature an integrated 5-pin USB for a more seamless SmallHD camera-control setup. 
●      Bolt 6 LT fills the same demand for a compact, lightweight solution with a 750–5000+ ft. range as Bolt 4K LT, and is fully-capable of operating on the 12 U-NII 5 channels like the rest of the Bolt 6 line. Bolt 6 LT also comes in an HDMI-only version.
●      Bolt 6 Monitor Modules offer ranges of 750–1500 ft. and integrate seamlessly into SmallHD Smart 7 Series Monitors like their Bolt 4K counterparts. 
“We come to work every day to design solutions that help filmmakers simplify their workflows and expand their capabilities,” said Smokler. “Bolt 6 does both by future-proofing connectivity with 6GHz while maintaining 100% compatibility with the existing Bolt 4K ecosystem, delivering premium zero-delay wireless video solutions that adapt to any situation and evolve with you.”
Learn more at tdek.co/bolt6-pr
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