Mark Sasicki is a TV buyer for Abt Electronics and Appliances, the largest single-store retailer of electronics and appliances in the country and its national ecommerce site. He quickly chats about his thoughts on 4K.

Mark Sasicki on 4K
What do you think about 4K production?
​ 4K/UHD TVs offer the best picture available whether you are watching a 4K source or regular HD.
Is it really worth all the hype or do you think it is over-rated?
​It has a noticeably better picture than regular 2K panels and when a 4K source is being showed next to a 2K, it is not even close. More detail and colors contrast make it easily visible to see that it offers a better, clearer, more lifelike picture.
How soon should we expect a movement towards 6K, 8K, and so on?
​TV manufacturers are always looking to make a better product. As soon as anything is released they are already trying to make a better version. They push to offer consumers the best entertainment experience they can.
Or are we going to have at least a few years with 4K?
​They are always trying to improve on everything, but it’s safe to say that 4K will be the format for some time.
Will something else be the hot ticket item next year?
​There will be more and more ways to get 4K content like 4K Blu-ray DVD players. OLED panels are great looking and you will see more selection in screen sizes. ​
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