Paladin’s unparalleled portable work and scene light was introduced last spring to give construction crews the flexibility to extend working hours and work safely in dark places, without power cords. Now, Paladin introduces the new Case Light CLU10K featuring ultra-durable construction made in the United States of America.

New portable, deployable Paladin case light
Why was the Paladin Case Light, CLU10K created?
The Paladin LED Case Light is a portable, durable, lightweight solution to scene lighting that sets up in minutes. High lumen output LEDs transform even obscure, remote areas into planes of visibility for an extended period of time.
What are some of its best features?
The Case Light is the only USA made product in its category. It uses low temperature, solid state durable LEDs; photography compatible 5,000 Kelvin white light; diffuse shadow and hot spotting lenses; and is the brightest broad spread light on the market. This unit uses unbreakable polymers and aerospace grade aluminum construction, yet is lightweight (under 18 pounds), and stows compactly. It can be set up in 15 seconds, and is operable even in harsh environments.
Is it already being used in the industry and if so, where?
The initial launch of this product was in public safety markets. Over the last year, we have consulted with photographers and filmmakers, and have improved the design to specifically address this industry’s needs and requirements.
How does is compare to other products like it in the industry?
The USA made Case Light provides more versatility than similar products at a much lower cost. With battery operation that can range from 2 to 20 hours, a detachable light head that maneuvers easily in hard-to-reach places, and extension poles that can reach above 10 feet, this portable scene light is best in its class.
Why was it important to make the case light as durable and water-resistant as possible?
Because dependable lighting is critical in this industry, the protective construction of the Case Light maintains reliability.
What are the benefits of it being light weight?
In many situations, portability is essential – the Paladin Case Light is easy to carry and stows compactly. For hard to access locations, where many types of equipment is required, this unit takes up very little space, and can easily be carried to any scene.
What types of projects can this be used on?
With the 5,000 Kelvin Natural light color correction, the Case Light is ideal for all modern digital photography applications. The broadcast lighting is also beneficial for shooting foreground, middle, and far ground objects in one setting. Optional lumen settings allow some flexibility for low light work, as well. With options such as extension poles, caster mounts, and detachable light heads, sufficient lighting in or out of the studio is more simple than ever. Some application suggestions from industry professionals are: crowded indoor spaces such as casinos or concerts; daylight quality photography at any time of day or night, low temperature lights for live and easily perishable subjects, and video production.
What does it cost?
CASE LIGHT - $2,499.00