With the world's longest focal length and highest (20x) magnification among Super 35mm zoom lenses, the new Cine-Servo zoom lens offers cinematographers new possibilities for shooting scenes in HD, 2K and 4K on single-sensor cameras. Senior Advisor, Film and TV Production at Canon, Tim Smith, describes how the 4K Ultra Telephoto Zoom Lens has changed the game for cinematographers.

Canon’s Cine-Servo 50-1000mm 4K Ultra-Telephoto Zoom Lens Changes the Game
How has the Cine-Servo 50-1000 mm 4K Ultra Telephoto Zoom Lens enhanced opportunities for cinematographers?
It’s been overwhelming; having a lens that does things that cinematographers have never been able to do before has really sparked their imagination.
What makes it stand out among other lenses?
This lens this does not stand out—it stands alone. There is no other lens that can do what this one does. The 50-1000 is an engineering testament that is truly unique to the market.
How has it opened up the world of 4K shooting?
The focal length of the lens makes it a strong option in 4k as well as 2K and HD production, but having a lens engineered to a 4K specification guarantees a sharp crisp image in any resolution.
What impact will it have on the future of 4K?
4K cameras are pushing the limits of most lenses on the market so the demand for higher resolution glass is becoming more important. In the past few years, Canon has manufactured 12 new 4K cinema-style lenses and we are just getting started.
What are some of its most notable features?
It's unique in the fact that it has a powered servo that can be used in a stand-alone situation, you can connect it to industry standard controllers, or you can remove the servo completely and use it in a cinema-standard configuration.
What types of shots is the lens best used for?
With its 50-1000 focal length range, this lens has been designed to handle almost any shooting requirement.