Big Leap Online Marketing Specialist, Matt Casady, shares his top 5 content creation tools that you need in your toolbelt. Familiarize yourself with them now and start putting them to use tomorrow! Matt Casady is an Online Marketing Specialist at Big Leap, he has a background in advertising and specializes in local search and content marketing.

Top 5 Hacks for Creating Crazy (Good!) Content
Hack Number 1? Boombox
When I'm looking to make my content piece more interactive, by adding a list or poll, etc., I like to use a tool called Boombox. Boombox is a self-described "creative suite for publishers" and I think that's a pretty appropriate description. Visit, to learn more.
Hack Number 2? Yahoo Answers
When I'm looking for new content ideas, sites like Yahoo Answers and Quora are great places to look! Oftentimes people's questions spark ideas for really valuable content pieces. More information can be found at:
Hack Number 3? Grammarly
I frequently check my grammar and phrasing with the content pieces I do and Grammarly is a great tool for that. Even their basic free version is super helpful for checking the text of content pieces I'm working on. To learn even more about Grammarly, visit:
Hack Number 4? QZZR (a tool from Boombox)
When a client wants to see how many leads the content I'm creating for them is generating I like to use a quiz creator tool called QZZR. QZZR makes it easy to create embeddable quizzes that include lead capture forms. Visit, to learn more.
Hack Number 5? Followerwonk (a tool from Moz)
When I'm looking for authors or publishers to promote my content to, Followerwonk is a great tool to use. This tool makes it easy to search Twitter bios, which helps me find publishers that might be interested in the piece I'm working on. Learn more at