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4K Videos

  • Sony's Shahpour Nosrati talks FS7 Mark II at the 2016 Band Pro 'One World' Open House
    Sony's Shahpour Nosrati talks FS7 Mark…
  • Canon's Tim Smith Brings the Canon C700 to the 2016 Band Pro Open House
    Canon's Tim Smith Brings the Canon C700…
  • Canon unveils the new EOS C700 4.5K Cinema Camera at IBC 2016
    Canon unveils the new EOS C700 4.5K…
  • Atomos Introduces the 4K 60p HDR Shogun Inferno at IBC 2016
    Atomos Introduces the 4K 60p HDR Shogun…
  • Teradek Sphere Real-time 360º Monitoring and Live Streaming Cine Gear 2016
    Teradek Sphere Real-time 360º…
  • Canon's Tim Smith talks IMAX & Netflix 4K at Cine Gear 2016
    Canon's Tim Smith talks IMAX & Netflix…

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Beyond 4K Buzz & Trends

Artist Spotlight: Meg Bailey, Producer

Artist Spotlight: Meg Bailey, Producer Zero VFX's, Meg Bailey began her journey as a production assistant and is now credited with some pretty amazing projects including the visual effects producer for the Denzel Washington and Viola Davis Oscar-nominated film, Fences. She answered a few questions, including how she got her start, what she loves about her job and more. 

FilmLight: Meet the Colorist

FilmLight: Meet the Colorist French born, Aline Sinquin first intended to be a DOP but when she encountered colour grading, she could not let go. Aline’s creative energy and passion is apparent in her entire body of work where she has worked across many brands, and with acclaimed directors. Today she is leading her own specialist colour grading boutique in the heart of SoHo in New York.

Supporting the 4K Revolution in Sports Broadcasting

Supporting the 4K Revolution in Sports Broadcasting For years, sports video production professionals have been in the unique position of being able to forecast upcoming broadcast trends. From the transition of standard definition to high definition to 4K, sports video production has influenced the purchasing decisions of millions of home viewers with each Super Bowl, Olympics, and UEFA European Championship. Now Vinten, a leading provider of manual and robotic camera support systems and a Vitec Group brand, is proud to announce the release of their new whitepaper “Supporting the 4K Revolution in Sports Broadcasting.” With more global sports networks switching to 4K resolution, this white paper – written by the Vinten Product Manager Philip Dalgoutte – examines the importance of camera supports in 4K and UHD adoption for sports video production.

Image Engine Grapples with Graphorns in Fantastic Beasts

 Image Engine Grapples with Graphorns in Fantastic Beasts As the title suggests, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is all about outlandish creatures—which made it a perfect project for Image Engine and its established creature pipeline. The team worked to bring four mythical beasts to life for this new installment in the Harry Potter universe, along with generating a variety of other vivid visual effects.

4K Opinions & Interviews

DP Benjamin Gaskell Shoots the Latest Installment of the Witness Project Documentary Series with a Blackmagic URSA Mini 4.6K

Interview Image

In late 2015, Smock Media, a Venice Beach-based film and VR production company, and the Victims of Communism (VOC), a Washington, D.C.-based human rights organization, came together and started The Witness Project. DP Benjamin Gaskell was brought on to tackle the first episode of the second installment, which would set the tone for the rest of the documentary series. The episode focused on Anastasia Lin, Miss World Canada 2015 and 2016, and her story.

Q What challenges were associated with shooting? Did you have a hard time landing any shots?

A My favorite filming location was on a remote hill that had these beautiful rolling hills of golden wheat. It was quite a logistical challenge to work effectively in the space, and I had a lot of concerns while we were location scouting about making it work. However our skillful producer J.P. Mandarino was instrumental in putting together a plan that made the whole experience a very efficient operation. It was one of those shooting days where the crew had such a good time working in a beautiful location capturing a meaningful story that you could almost feel the disappointment when we called wrap. If only every shooting day was like that! haha! Another moment that stands out to me was towards the end of our first half-day filming together. We ended up shooting past golden hour and deep enough into civil twilight that our overall ambient light levels required me to push the camera to 1600 ISO to get proper exposure. I’ll be honest about the fact that I was nervous about how the grain structure wouldn’t match, however I was pleasantly surprised at how the Blackmagic URSA Mini 4.6K performed. The color rendition and noise pattern of our twilight footage matched up really well with the rest of the project’s look and tone. It’s a nice feeling knowing that you don’t always have compromise the quality of an established look or aesthetic in order to get enough footage in the can at the end of the day. When you work with good crew and the right equipment you can do almost anything.

Taking a Look at Upcoming 4K Video Trends

Interview Image

StarTech takes a look at upcoming 4K video trends including how it's being adopted, what barriers exist, true 4K ecosystem and more.

Learn more about StarTech at: www.startech.com.

Q How is 4K Being Adopted and Proliferated?

A 4K technology opens a world of possibilities for content creation and consumption. 4K UHD augments the viewing experience in applications like entertainment, digital signage, education, sports, surveillance, games and medical applications. Native 4K resolution is significantly better in resolving detail, allowing closer, more immersive viewing and scales down to 2K output with a higher quality picture than if created in 2K. An entire industry has emerged to enable a truly end-to-end 4K ecosystem - from capture, production, initial distribution, and secondary distribution to consumers. Consumer electronics equipment manufacturers, in particular, are embracing this revolutionary display technology and are the driving force behind making 4K mainstream.

News: 4K, HDR & More

Shoot Your Next Project With One of These 3 Great Fuji Lenses

Shoot Your Next Project With One of These 3 Great Fuji Lenses Imagecraft Productions has recently taken ownership of 3 AMAZING new Fuji lenses. The first in the lineup is the, Fuji 107X 4K Box Lens, followed by the Fuji 75-400 PL Premier Zoom Lens and the Fuji18-85 PL Premier Zoom Lens. Fuji 107X 4K Box Lens: “The “UA107x8.4” is a 4K-compatible broadcast zoom lens that achieves the world's highest zoom of 107x. Covering a wide range of focal lengths, from a best-in-class wide angle of 8.4mm to a super-telephoto range of 900mm, images can be shot at…

Free CDNG update for Shogun, Shogun Flame and Shogun Inferno

Free CDNG update for Shogun, Shogun Flame and Shogun Inferno Atomos announces a free upgrade available to download on Monday March 27th 2017 to enable CDNG Raw recording from select Sony, Canon and Panasonic cameras on the Shogun Inferno, Shogun Flame and the original Shogun products. Not only are these the worlds’ first monitor-recorders to offer CDNG recording on a single SSD, they are also the world’s first monitor-recorders to offer CDNG Raw to end users for free.

NEXTGEN TV HUB To Showcase Benefits of New Broadcast TV Standard at 2017 NAB Show

NEXTGEN TV HUB To Showcase Benefits of New Broadcast TV Standard at 2017 NAB Show With completion of a next-generation broadcast TV standard now in sight, broadcasters and equipment suppliers will be highlighting the diverse capabilities of the ATSC 3.0 standard in the “NextGen TV Hub” at the 2017 NAB Show at the end of April. Billed as the epicenter of next-generation television at the show, the NextGen TV Hub: Powered by ATSC 3.0 will prominently highlight the capabilities of the new broadcast standard, with a comprehensive display in the Grand Lobby of the Las Vegas Convention Center.