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Laundry Creates Retro Animations for TCM Guest Programming with Actress Julie Andrews
Design, animation & production company Laundry recently collaborated with Turner Classic Movies (TCM) on animations for an interstitial program with actress Julie Andrews, who reflects on her Hollywood years and speaks about her new book, “Home Work: A Memoir of My Hollywood Years.” Several of Andrews' most notable films, “Thoroughly Modern Millie,” “Victor/Victoria,” and “The Americanization of Emily,” as well as her interview with TCM host Ben Mankiewicz, aired on TCM on October 29th.

Working closely with the TCM team, Laundry animated a series of retro-inspired paper collages, which played between interview footage of Andrews, to visually underscore the stories the actress and author shares about her career.

Client: TCM
Editor & Art Director, Turner Studios: Mike Voulgaris
Sr. Writer/Producer, TCM: Angela Carone
Sound Design, Turner Studios: Reid Hall
Color Correction, Turner Studios: Sean Mcphearson
Sr. Art Director, TCM: Jin Lim
Sr. Director, TCM: Scott McGee

Design & Animation Company: Laundry
Executive Creative Directors: PJ Richardson & Tony Liu
Executive Producer: James Sweigert
Head of Production: Matt Primm
Senior Producer: Meredith Panicara
Production Coordinators: Stephanie Alvarez & Kelly Barnhardt
Design and Animation: Ariel Costa