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Sean Benson, cinematographer and video editor for Digital Brew gives us his thoughts about Red cameras and 4K.

I've worked with the Red One, Red Epic, and now the Sony F55. All 4K. I definitely think that 4K will be around for a while. The technology to shoot in 4K has been available for years, one of the first being Red Digital Cameras and its exciting that consumers will now be able to enjoy that resolution quality in their homes. I wouldn't consider it a fad, but as the next logical step in the technology. Just as we adapt to faster internet speed and bandwidth capability, 4K allows for much better quality and clearer detail than HD. 

After the early consumers get their hands on 4K TVs and prices drop a little, I think a majority of people will and should consider purchasing 4K products. Last year Red came out with a 4K player for your home called the RedRay, which makes it possible to stream 4K movies to your TV. It's expensive right now but I'm excited to see competition build over this. 

The technology may evolve to accommodate 6K video for consumers one day, but there comes a point in resolution where there isn’t a significantly noticeable difference to the human eye. As far as 8K is concerned, I think the amount of data it would require in contrast to what we can actually perceive would be impractical.

Any other trends you've noticed in the industry?

I’ve noticed a recent craze over the RC quad-copters with stabilized gyro cameras that we would love to tap into. Looks like it could potentially replace a jib, crane, or dolly in certain situations with the footage I've seen. 

About Sean Benson:

Sean Benson is a graduate of the Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota FL, recently ranked as one of the 25 Best Film Schools worldwide, where he earned his Bachelors Degree in Digital Filmmaking. He is now a Cinematographer and video editor for Digital Brew where he works on a variety of video production projects. Recent accolades include a 2012 FMPTA “Crystal Reel Award” for Best Short made in Florida and the Gold Medal Remi Award at Houston’s WorldFest for best short film. 

About Digital Brew:

Digital Brew is an Orlando-based creative agency that specializes in Creative, Video, Animation and Design.  Our team thrives on crafting tools that drive measurable success. From small business brand development to the most cutting-edge motion graphics and design, we form valuable partnerships and achieve real results.