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Marta Mintenko Knapik from The Sequence Group answers a few questions, including how she got her start, the tasks involved in her job and more. 

Can you tell us a bit about your background?

Knapik: Storytelling through various mediums such as film, photography, music, and art have always played a big influence in my life. I constantly read everything, from books to magazines, biographies and song lyrics. I love the written word have always been really into the music video genre (thank you MuchMusic and VIVA). 

Raised in Poland, Germany, Italy, and Vancouver, I’m drawn to different perspectives and influences that create a great story – so I always knew I wanted to get involved in Vancouver's evolving film and VFX industry. More than a decade ago, my first job at Rainmaker (now Method Studios) was as an on-set VFX Coordinator; and I was fortunate to experience the company make their first steps in into vfx for feature films. I loved seeing the company's VFX department grow from a small group of passionate individuals into a large VFX studio. I grew alongside the company and was lucky to have worked at a number of fantastic studios since as a VFX Talent / Resource Manager, and VFX Producer. Working with great folks keeps me motivated, and makes sure I don’t just keep driving west towards the ocean while on my way to work.

How did you first get involved with The Sequence Group?

Knapik: I knew Sequence’s Founder and Creative Director, Ian Kirby, through our connections in the industry.  I guess you could say that over the years, we both witnessed Vancouver grow into one of the world's hot-spots for film, vfx, and animation. 

After working with large studios, I reached a point where I wanted to return to my roots and passion for storytelling. Joining The Sequence Group was the right move to get closer to that. Their boutique-by-choice studio style allows me to wear many hats and truly contribute to the storytelling process through the projects we take on. I’m really excited to collaborate with the talented team at Sequence. They are pretty awesome!

What does your day-to-day work at Sequence involve?

Knapik: As Senior Producer, I manage all sorts of things– from client relations, to examining budgets, to scheduling artists, to making sure we’re on point with the creative brief. I’m always working with the client's best interests in mind. A large part of my role is ensuring we exceed expectations and deliver on the creative, as well as the dollars. 

Can you tell us a bit about a project you have worked on at Sequence?

Knapik: I’ve enjoyed every project I’ve been a part of at Sequence. From projects such as Transformers ‘Forged To Fight’ to BC Hydro’s unique inside-a-snowglobe PSA, the mysterious and dark Edith Finch series, the super cute animated Dairyland characters, and the colorful and pop-culture inspired Marvel Motion Comics. I love the variety of projects and creative freedom at Sequence, and I’m looking forward to what the rest of the year will bring!

What advice would you give a creative looking to succeed in your specialty? 

Knapik: I truly believe that in our current reality and land of social media, there is no excuse not to have a mentor or influencer. If you are aware of the people in your industry who are doing their jobs well and are able to understand their motivation and path to success, you can use that to learn about yourself and build your own goals. If you want to be successful, you need to be sincere and hold true to your unique talents. Keep that in mind while building your professional relationships and networking. Everything you work on reflects you, so make sure you’re putting your best foot forward with everything you’re a part of, no matter how challenging it may be. 

Don’t lose your momentum or your sense of humor - explore your creative hobbies and passions. For me, it’s about working with great people, working in a creative industry, and enjoying what you do. You have to love what you do! My passion for photography and storytelling – the sense of universal nostalgia that a great story or image evokes – is what motivated me to start my career in film and VFX, and I can’t imagine being anywhere else.