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We've all heard it. This new technology is the best thing to happen to video since the Kinetoscope. It will truly change the way we view programs. Jump on the bandwagon now or be left behind. While that holds for most over-hyped “revolutionary Technology”, that is not the case for 4K. 4K is different because it is an evolutionary technology. It is just a logical extension of what is already out there. What's more, most people who see it actually want it.

4K is now prevalent in high performance gaming computers (we at Psychsoftpc currently have all our machines capable of 4K) and many enthusiasts are watching streaming video on 4K monitors. This is a ready and steadily growing market for 4K content. People have the capability to view 4K content now and when you have something you want to use it, that's just human nature. Give a kid a hammer and suddenly everything needs hammering. The gear is in place just begging to be used. And lots of folks are watching streaming content on PCs and tablets as a matter of course avoiding the TV in the parlor. As a content creator, you want to get your stuff viewed by as many folks as possible and 4K gives you that edge.

Most current video games for PC are 4K compliant or can be made so with a simple download, so folks are getting used to viewing things in 4K and will want that to carry over to other media. Once you go 4K you don't want to go back. It is like watching standard def TV shows now that we have HD. I avoid them and you probably do too. Things are so much better in High Definition and even more so in 4K. It just ups the clarity to a whole new level. You start to see things in ways you didn't before. When folks get used to 4K they can spot the difference when viewing HD. This can lead to negative reviews of content. Folks don't know why they don't like something, they just know that they don't. The content can be Emmy worthy, but something just feels off about it. People are fickle.

Unlike 3D televisions, 4K televisions are something that consumers want that doesn't require them wearing glasses or headsets or other gear. They can just watch as they are accustomed to doing and get a better experience. Everyone wants better, it is ingrained in our society. When something better comes along that operates in a similar manner to what we are accustomed so we don't have to radically alter our behavior, we want it. This is especially true of entertainment and as prices come down on the technology, more people adopt it. So, like the teenager posting everything on Twitter, mass adoption of 4K is inevitable. You might as well go with it.

So forget about what you heard before, this time the hype is real. You really should get involved with 4K now before you fall too far behind. It truly is a game changer, evolutionarily speaking.

Dr Tim Lynch

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